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Spring is here down south!

Here are some pictures I took this morning, since the sun was shining so beautifully. These daffodils are not mine. Mine aren’t blooming yet, but the neighbors have a nice patch right along their sidewalk on the south-facing hill. They must get just that much more warmth from being slanted toward the sun that they always bloom several weeks earlier than mine!

My daffodils look like this!

I also have a LOT of tulips coming this year. I’m pretty sure these are all red ones! I will need to break them apart after they bloom, because they are in big clumps.

I also have the first plants in my vegetable garden – my sugar snap peas. I put nice rich compost on them, rather than just covering them with the dry dirt! We’ll see how that works! Bumpa put up a nice strong and tall fence for them to grow on this year. It has two feet of chicken wire at the bottom, and then four feet of goat fencing above that, for the peas to actually grow on. (The bottom two feet will just be stems.)

I’m back!!

This is a new format for me, but I’m excited to have my site up and running again. It isn’t like there is a lot going on in my life, particularly lately, but it is nice to have somewhere to save memories, particularly pictures. Speaking of which, let’s see if I can add one.

I guess I can’t because my files are too big. I need to figure out how to shrink the size of my pictures, I guess!

Dad just finished hooking up the light in the guest bathroom. Now he is sanding the final coat of mud on the walls around the tub, so we can get that painted before we actually install the tub permanently and then glue on the sub surround pieces. Progress…


And today, some pictures of the vegetables garden.


I think the little squash are so cute:


And these are going to mini-pumpkins when they grow up. Most all you see now is the blossom.

DSCN7782 (2)

And finally, here is a picture of our new pasture on the side of the hill. See the electric fence charger on the post to the left of the gate?  The fence goes up the hill in that cleared path.




I brushed all the loose hair out and this is what she looks like. See how short her hair is for the summer, and I didn’t cut it at all.


The goats are about the same – mischievous as ever!


And we expanded the chicken pen again yesterday, so they have PLENTY of room now.


Pink flowers

It is pretty sunny and dry out, so some of the flowers were a bit wilted, but here are some photos that turned out.


Here is how wilted some of the plants are right now, and it isn’t even 85 degrees.


Here is a blossom of one of them – it isn’t pink, though. It is followed by another that isn’t pink, but rather reddish.


And, for the grand finale, a whole row of hot pink impatiens.


Picture posts


I added this picture at the end, and it got put first – go figure!! Any, this is the basement at the new place, with the bathroom and all the walls and ceiling torn out. It will have a small bedroom and a family room.

Now, the shed move.

Here is a before picture:


See how close to the house it is, and how it blocks the view?

Now: DSCN7703

This is basically from the same place, but with the shed gone. That smoke is our perpetually burning junk pile.

Now the new place – pictures of the dismantled interior.


This just shows how we pile it in different categories to take to the dumps or the landfill.


This is where the kitchen will go. The wall on the left will be removed, to open up the space. The wall with the black pipe will be opened on the right for a hallway and the rest moved back 2 feet for the bathroom behind it.


This is another of the wall that will be completely removed.


This wall will be backed up about three feet and have a hallway to the master suite. The stairs to the basement are behind that cabinet in the center. And the master closet will go on the left side of the picture.


The wall to be removed, from the other side. I am standing in what will be the living room. Dad is standing in the back entryway. DSCN7735

This is the window we found behind the tub surround in the bathroom. This will be opened to a door leading to a big butler’s pantry off the kitchen. I’m thinking a barn door would be cute here.


This shows the second bedroom upstairs and the closet Justin and Kylene started tearing out and we finished. That wall will be moved one foot towards us to allow room for a long master bath on the other side of it. The closet for this room will actually go over the window to the left because it looks funny with those unmatched windows.DSCN7737

This shows the inside of the wall we have to tear out to make room for two doors. This used to be an exterior wall before they added on. That isn’t going to be fun.


This shows what the former kitchen looks like now – we have some cabinets to haul home, yet. This space will become the master bedroom. The wall between the bedroom and master bath will go about in the middle of the door. We will have a window on both sides of the wall – one for the bath, over the shower, and one an egress window for this bedroom, because the other windows are too high to be egress windows. We didn’t want the door in a bedroom.


This one is taken from where the master bedroom closet will be, so we are looking through the wall that will be moved this way about three feet, toward the living room. The wall that will be completely removed is the one starting by where Dad is standing, so the area behind him will be the dining room and towards us from that will be the kitchen.


And, finally, here is the grass beginning to grow where we took out the awful tarp and rock contraption that they had on this little hill. If you look hard, you can see the cut-off rose bushes just above the grass and straw. They will be pulled out, too, once they get enough new growth to keep them healthy when I move them.


Picture post – May 24


Who knows what these beautiful white flowers are?


Burning pile we are working on eliminating. It is lots better than it was, but it is still an eyesore in the middle of our yard.


We plan to move the shed to it is parallel to and just this side of the Suburban. It will really open up that view from the front of the house and make it easier to drive vehicles down to the garden and burning pile.


And a few more of Bumpa’s Beast!

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